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                          Hi!, My name is Trey Daniel and welcome to my website!

I founded this company back in 1999 with a love and passion for creating something from nothing and bringing it into existence and so I went in pursuit of my dream.  As a child I loved drawing, playing the guitar, drums, singing and writing songs. I knew I had a creative side to me waiting to be unleashed. I was always driven and loved to work hard.  In my teens, during the summers, I would work in my brother’s radiator shop and did odd jobs here and there all the while in search of my lifetime career. It wasn’t until the early 90’s when computers were in every household, and the world of creativity was in my hands. Before the 90’s, I had no clue in what I wanted to do, now I have so many options , I was confused in what direction to go in but the great thing about the computer is you can try it, and so I did. From graphics design, website building, 3d modeling to drafting design, I learned it all.  I went to school for graphic Arts, but then changed direction and went into drafting and design. I’m also self-taught. In the computer age, you have the world of technology at your fingertips and I have learned many things from: graphics artwork, drafting and design web design/building, 3d modeling, music and the stock market etc. My dad and brothers had their own business and so this ran in the bloodline and so I went to school, got out and started doing work for many different architects to learn the many different ways of the industry, knowing one day, I would branch out on my own.  From: Commercial building such as restaurants, offshore oil rigs, warehouses, office spaces, medical etc.  I had in mind once I got out of school, I would work for architects doing residential custom homes but found that most of the architects that hired me did commercial architecture, it wasn’t until a childhood friend I grew up with had his own custom home building business in the late 90’s asked me if I could do custom homes for him and so Cube was founded.  Not realizing that doing custom homes was whole different animal and way more complex than what I was used to doing, I bit the dust a few times on bidding projects until I learned how much to charge. Unlike commercial design where someone just needs enough space to run a business. Residential is more complex and deals with custom kitchens, bathrooms, windows, exterior, doors space, exterior elevations, roof design, space efficiency to code etc.  Once I learned enough I branched out to do work for other builders and direct clients. I also would work on my own designs, built a website and published them up to around 2018 I decided to put my drafting and design services in the background and started working more on my own designs to sell. Although I love doing drafting and design work for clients, I’m limited to my creativity in designing because designing something unique takes allot of trial and error it’s like a puzzle shuffling around all the pieces to make work and look right. You may spend allot of time and come up with a great design but find out the roof design doesn’t work and you spend time trying to make it work only to realize that you will have to modify the design to make the roof work. So most of the time with clients, they’ll send me a design concept and I will do exactly what they are asking and design it to work and give suggestions and point out issues that they may want to address. Most people are on a budget and I basically design their home to work and create constructions drawings for them with a limit time to make minor changes to add or change something any design time exceeding the design time/changes an hourly rate will apply to continue designing.  I’m currently working on my existing designs and getting them ready for digital download. As I get them ready I will be moving them over to the new platform where you can purchase the plans and download them. The plans on the new platform or home page are ready for purchase. The older section of plans are at this time being work on for download. You can still purchase these plans but keep in mind they still need to be work on and will take a week or two, to have ready for you.  The website is rather large and there are allot of plans to work on plus I’m creating new designs and still doing drafting and design work for clients so I plan on making changes to the website as I get time. I have a strong love and passion for what I do and always aim to please. I believe that hard work, drive and dedication will get you to your final destination in life.  I believe that setbacks in life are stepping stones My goal is to create great home designs and create platform that displays my creative work and to create the home of your dreams!   

We create the dream, you live it!”

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