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Bay Home To Virtual World Design

This bay home design  originated from one of my  first bay home designs . It was taken into the virtual world Second Life and re-designed. In the virtual world you get a whole different perspective of your work as if you  walk into your house after  it was built  giving you a 360 degree experience. I had met an interior designer on my  business facebook and asked her if she would like to meet me in the virtual world for the  first time. As designers, we were blown away with it all and wanted to  design and build. She had suggested that I  should bring one of my bay home designs into to the world and so I did. I brought the floor plan in and started building from it. Everything in the virtual world has to be scaled up as I was scaling up the design after it was built I started re-designing the exterior and this is the final product.  Once finished she found furniture and designed the interior of the home.  The house was interactive and you could watch real tv/cable shows, sit  and lay in in chairs and beds hang out on the decks enjoy the sun set as if you lived in the home. Take out the boat. This design is being sold on the virtual world market as well. 

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