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  • The Drafting Process For Construction Drawings:​

This process will apply when a client comes to us with their own set of plans, either blue prints or a rough sketch to scale and code with dimensions.  This would be considered a re-draw. We charge a flat fee by the square footage on living space. In some cases we may charge for exterior depending on the difficulty such as custom kitchen’s etc. (Contact us for our current rates) This would be only drafting up existing design provided to us by client.  The drawing fee will include: Construction Floor&Elevation plans, Interior Elevations, Section views if needed, Lighting & Electrical plans, Roof plan, General, notes,schedules and ledgers, one set of pdf to scale set at 24”x 36” for additional printing and the Master  Cad file for future remodel changes, engineering etc.  This set of drawings would be ready for permits and to build from if drawings meet the City, County and or Home Owner codes and Standards required.  This may vary based on where you’re building the home.  On our design work if rejected the first time we will make the changes required at no additional charge on the first rejection. but because a re-draw is a current design work either done by others or client, there will be an additional charge to make required changes. All project will we require 60% of the total estimate down and the remaining balance due before releasing final drawings to client. This includes any outstanding balance due not figured in orignal estimate.

  • The Drafting & Design Process For Construction Drawings:

​This process will apply when the client comes to us with their own set of plans, either blue prints or a rough sketch to scale and code with dimensions. This would be considered a re-draw and design.  We either have a face to face meeting with client or we can do everything via email. The first face to face meeting is free of charge. Additional meeting our hourly rate will apply.  Once we have the clients requested changes to the plans, will re-draw the current plans as it is and apply all changes. After all change have been done per clients request. This would be considered the first revision and depending on the plans we allow 1 revision with a time limit from 6 to 20 hours, at no additional charge. Once client exceeds the time limit or first revision, additional hourly design fee will apply to make additional changes to the plans. All Revision time is logged and marked as a revision number on each scheme R1,R2 sent to client.  The revision would start with an R a scheme number and a design number so on the first revision we would send to the client with a scheme number revision number and design number Example: Scheme 050815-R1D1 The scheme number is the month, date and year and if there is another design done the same day there would be a -2.  When making design changes to the plans, this is called the “Design Phase” we do not move forward to creating the construction drawings until the design phase is complete to make sure client is satisfied with the design because once all the construction detail, notes, ledgers, layouts etc. are created, it will take much longer to make any design changes do to the high amount of detail in the drawings. Everything has to be moved, replace accurately slowing the process time down greatly. You can always make changes to the drawings but it’s not recommended if you’re on a budget.  Once we have finished the design phase, the client will be sent the design of each drawing to sign off on.  Once we receive the drawings signed and dated, And all additional design and Service time is paid, we can proceed to the final phase. Construction Documents.  Once the Construction Drawings are ready, Cube will request final payment before releasing final product to client or any third party. Once client receives final drawings either the contractor or owner will submit to City,County home owner association etc.

  • Payment Process:

We require 60% on all Drafting and Design services and there is no refunds. This 60% down payment goes to the first 60% of the projects total balance and is also used as a retainer fee that goes against any additional design services that are not figured in.  The additional time such as design time that exceeds the Design time limit or the first revision or any other services not figure in estimate.  The time will be deducted from the 60% down and is not to exceed the 60% without collecting full balance of additional services first before moving on to the final phase of the drawings. All additional design services not figured into estimate must be paid in full before moving on to the construction drawings. Cube Custom Home design must be paid in full for all services on project before client can have the legal right to build from our design or work performed. With the purchase of the Design or design services and work, client will be granted a onetime right to build from our design or work. Additional rights can be purchased. Contact Cube. All house plans that are purchased through us must be purchased in full before modifying the house plans and again we allow a first revision with a time limit on all of our plans. This time limit depends on the plans and what package is purchased.  Again all design fees and additional services to the design must be paid if full before receiving the new modifications if exceeding the limit or additional services or requested.

  • Design Time:

With the design time, we normally charge by the hour or give an estimate with a time limit. We figure the time limit based on the estimated cost of the changes. Example: min $750.00 if our currently hourly rate is $75.00 per hour. Then we’d divide the hourly rate into the estimated cost. Giving us 10 hours of design time. We will not exceed this time limit. Either Cube will re-evaluate the t time remaining. In the design time process Cube will either use the time against the retainer fee/down payment client paid when first started the project or The design time will be re-evaluated and a min cost will be required down first before proceeding or starting the project.  Our minimum cost for design time ranges from $475.00 to $750.00 with the hourly time limit. Normally first time projects for Drafting and Design Services have a minimum of $750.00 must be required down. We’ve had to change our policy do to payment issues in the past.  So every design service or other services must have some kind of payment non-refundable payment before starting project. We no longer do any service without payment up front. Whether it’s small are large. Our lower range payment is good for existing projects that have little time left to finish or smaller projects that are predictable in time.  Design time is hard to gage because of the different factors involved.  Drawings can be very deceiving in how long it may take to make the changes do to the detail and accuracy we have to achieve. Something looks like it will not take long and you move a wall and it creates a domino effect throughout the drawings and if you have completed a full set of construction drawings it will take even longer.  Also it depends on the client and how many changes are requested.  Its best before having design work done, that the client provides designer with as much information as possible. Sketch/drawing with dimensions, pictures, images, colors, ceiling height detail, flooring, room sizes. Anything they can think of to best target their Idea of what they are wanting in a home.  Although we can design something from scratch and come up with something unique, this takes time and can get really costly if not well planned out. 

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