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Updated: Nov 20, 2023

The Captian's Hideaway


This bay home has gone through quite a transformation in design changes and has quite an interesting history in how I derived to come up with this final design. The original design, looks nothing like this. I the slide above, I first show the new design after vitrual world, then before and then the home in the virtual world.

I start designing this home back around 2006 and in 2007, I had a meeting with this builder to go over some plans, He started telling me about this virtual world called “Second Life’ and so I check it out, created an avatar. I found it fascinating, but didn’t continue to go back in because there is a learning curve plus didn’t know anyone and kind of felt alone. Fast-forward to 2012, I met this girl on Facebook while posting my designs online, she lived in Michigan and I lived in Texas she was an interior designer, we talked on the phone for a while, it was a long distance relationship and then one day I mentioned to her about “Second Life” and asked her if she would like to meet in there and so we did. It was so weird talking to each other in two deferent states all this time and meeting up with her online in a virtual world, the experience is like some weird dream and so we met up at a dance place danced, hung out on the beach and watched the sunset. We were so fascinated, we went and looked at houses to buy and places to rent to put the house on. Because both her and I were so slow and couldn’t afford anything in the real life. It was much easier and affordable  In “Second Life” everything cost at the most $70.00 dollars to have a great time and most things like jets, yachts etc. where maybe $10.00 bucks at the most. We found a house we were interested in but it was large and needed a large property, which between the cost of the house and the monthly rent, it was a bit too much for someone who didn’t know what they were doing in there to just dive in and spent that much money at first. We wanted a place on the water so we could leave, in the boat, helicopter or plane.

People create 3d models and upload them into Second Life or they build stuff in world. One day she mention to me and asked me after frustration looking home and land, she ask me: “Why don’t you just bring that bay home design you did in here and build it in here” her being an interior designer and me being a custom home designer, we were two kids in a candy store addicted to it accept, I really got addicted and consumed and addicted with it, which caused issues between us later on. I got so excited but didn’t really know how to import 3d models in yet, so I uploaded a Jpeg image of the floor plan in and scaled it up and built in world like a builder would do. When you build something in there, that has many parts, you have to scripts, in all the parts, the scripts memorize the parts and there location as to how they it will go back together and you save the house in a small box called a rezzer so when delete the house there’s a copy of it and the rezzer. You take the rezzer out of your inventory place it on the ground click on it and the house reassembles itself the way it was furniture and everything.

 When I’m excited about something, not only do I love the challenge, I dive right in on stuff that takes years to learn and won’t stop until live figure it out between my love for creating and designing and the fact that I neglect everything around me when there’s a challenge, I will work day and night around the clock until I figure it out, when there is something I can’t figure out, I get even more determined. Most of the time, I can figure it out, but there a few cases, spending weeks on something, I would question if it was even possible. When she asked me that, I was so excited about building this home in there that I dove right in trying to working real hard to learn how to script it, finally getting the hang of it.

 The problem with me and not knowing what I was doing and thinking I knew what I was doing is a false sense of surety, she kept telling me I needed to go take classes on it or read the instructions, when I’m that excited about something, I get too excited and just want to dive right in. I don’t have time to read instructions or take classes, I need to get this done.

So thinking I knew what I was doing, I built the whole house and was so proud of it!  In then one day I came in and the whole house was gone, I called Cheryl up screaming and telling her: “It’s gone, it’s gone, the whole damn house is gone!!! All that hard work down the drain!!” This reminded me of how ants work so hard to build their, ant bed and one day the home owner cuts his lawn. It made me feel for ants and understand their hard work and frustration. Anyway dusted myself off put on my big boy boots and started to rebuild the next day only to get it almost done and have it happen again each time taking a few months to build. It happened a third time, this time I decided to read the instructions, and found out that when you buy the scripts, the come with standard channel settings, meaning the channel was the same on all of them, I you’re neighbor next door has those same scripts and you’re both on the same channel when she goes to rez or delete their home it will do the same to mind because we are the same channel like radios. It may have been someone not know or someone messing with me.

I don’t give up that easy and this is something I’m proud of. It actually pays to read the instructions, so I finally got it built and the more it came to life, the more driven I was, Once I had it complete, being in that world, I can actually walk and look around and experience the same thing I do when I go out to a real life project and wanted to make design changes to the exterior so I believe the interior is close to the same but I wanted the living space much larger but I believe it’s the exact same layout in side but just larger and an added elevator. Being I’m a home designer and she’s an interior designer, once completed she went to town and found furniture, pictures, kitchen cabinets did the landscape. It turned. She did an excellent job. I built a hanger in the rear of the property and added a landing strip, bought planes, jets and helicopters, We spent every day and night in there when we didn’t have work, We spent holidays and Christmases at the home. The crazy thing is, it’s like real life, you get nostalgia, we would get in fights like over the landscape, one day I wanted to create a boat dock on the side and so I cut into her landscape and when she cam in, she had a fit, we’d argue and she’d leave, we’d make up. We’d have fights over things like the design of the house and interior on what looks best. Everything plays out like real life, I told her this would be a great program for those that want to get married in real life and to experience what it would be like to live under the same roof before they got married. Some of our fight a have been because of two designers butting head. My next project was to design and build a super yacht and so I start another journey designing and building one until it got too big on our existing property and so we purchased a huge piece of property and created a huge marina/shipyard and pretty much experienced, the same learning curve issues, building and starting on but I hung in there and got better at it. I designed and built what you call a live a board, which means you can’t drive it, the exceeds the size and takes up to much memory to be drivable but I did design and build a smaller one that’s drivable and fully interactive, you can go to videos and see them. Every morning in real life I’d grab my cut of coffee get online and fly my helicopter and land on the Sea Queen yacht and start to work on it and at the end of the evening, I’d fly back to the bay home. I started a business in there called Diamond Luxury Yachts, Diamond Luxury Homes, Diamond products and sell everything on their online market. I exported the Bay Home and completed the construction documents to sell online in the real world and this it. So there’s the history on this home.

You can see videos on the yachts I designed and built in there. by clicking on the the button.


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