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The Process

  • A written proposal/agreement will be written up for the clients to sign/date. This proposal is also a written description as to what client will be expecting from “Cube” and its services and what Cube will expect from client for performing these services at the estimated cost. This process insures that both parties are in full understanding and agreement to what is going to take place. Cube will require a 60% down payment on the estimate cost of project or otherwise noted on agreement.  This down payment acts as a retainer fee and will be used for any additional cost not figured in estimate and will not exceed this amount before requesting payment in full. Cube will request this payment to be replaced before moving forward with project.  This will replace the down payment for estimated cost of final project and paying “Cube” for additional services not figured in estimate. This process insures that both parties are on the same page and client doesn’t get a shock bill at the end of the project.  Keeps both parties even with services and payment.

Domain Name & Hosting


  • If you do not have a domain and or hosting service, we can do a domain search & find for you and setup your hosting service for you. Simply provided us with a domain name you’re interested in and we will do a search for it.  You can also create a temporary website and host it for free until you decided or get finished with your website. It’s highly recommended that you get at least your own domain name when ready to advertise your website.  When you’re ready to start building the follow process will take place:



Design & Website Building Process


  • The process start with a template selection of your choice. There are many to choose from broken down into different categories.  Select “Templates” at the top of the home page. You can look at the templates and view the sample pages by clicking on them. Once you find a template you’re interested in you can do one of two things you can send us the category it’s under and the name under the template or you can go into the template and open and copy the url address and send it to us.  Either way is good but best if you can send URL address. This will take us right to it.

  • Cube would need to get all images and written information you would like to display on your website in the form you would like it to be displayed in. You can also send us sample websites of colors schemes and Ideas you’d like on your website. We would start with the home page. We would then create the website and send you a link to review the scheme. The home page would set the scheme direction for the subpages.  Once We have the homepage laid out We will send the client a link where they can review the website as if it was up and running. The client would review the page or pages and note any changes needed and send instruction of changes and corrections back to me to change or correct. This same process will repeat over for additional subpages and features until the website is to client’s satisfaction. 

Project completion 

  • Once project is complete, Cube will have clients review once again and sign off on all websites pages stating they have reviewed the website and approve it.  Once client has signed off on all documents. Cube will request final 40% payment for project and any additional balance due for additional services.  Once payment is received from client, Cube will publish website for client. 

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